About College

Pandit Dev Prabhakar Shastri College of Technology is founded by S.C.Jain Shiksha Prasar Samiti and it’s an institute which is going to build everything from scratch. Hence it has no history behind which will enable it to build it through every step it takes with each passing day.


  • Highly qualified, committed & competent faculties.
  • Well maintained infrastructure in terms of buildings, fully equipped laboratories, classrooms, computer centre, 24×7, internet facility, canteen, sports facilities, bus facility etc..
  • Industrial visits are organized in nearby industries and students are taken to educational tour.


To develop high quality technical institute and personnel personal with strong command on basic engineering fundamentals, technical as well as managerial skills, innovative research capabilities, exemplary professional conduct to lead and to use technology for progress in all walks of life and adapting themselves to changing technological environment with the highest ethical values and the inner strength. We are committed to creating a holistic environment that satisfies the organic needs of growing and learning individuals. While we seek growth in their physical, mental, spiritual, intellectual, social and human aspects, we maintain a respectful awareness of the unique identity and needs of our students.


We believe that every living being is a soul which is potentially divine with innate qualities of infinite knowledge, perception,power and bliss.

Pandit Dev Prabhakar Shastri College of TechnologyCHHATARPUR. MADHYA PRADESH.

Education is preparation for life, Education is life it self. If I am a truly knowledgeable soul, I will be skillful in the things of the spirit. I will be centered successfully in my spiritual identity.


To create an environment in which student could be prepared to face the challenge to modern society, and also to included and encourage faculty cont.

Mechanical Engineering

To provide quality human resource to the needs of industry, commerce and society with the required knowledge and skill to enhance the development contd.

Information Technology

The department focuses on development and strengthening system thinking, problem solving, analysis, design, research, team work, communication skills, and readiness for lifelong learning.

Civil Engineering

It is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineers are much in demand in India. In the recent years, from house to companies everywhere there is a necessity of electricity to function, offering numerous opportunities to electrical engineers.